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We have been on the market since 2006 as a supplier of advanced IT systems for the business. We offer services to the companies in insurance, finance and telecommunication sectors as well as to enterprises which operational activity is based on having a large number of clients and amount of data.

Decerto Sp. z o.o. is a polish IT company specializing in building and implementing systems for the business. A high position among other IT suppliers is obtained thanks to experience gathered from 2006 year in cooperation with top companies on financial and media market as well as having highly qualified staff. Decerto has its own authorial solutions and builds systems realizing clients’ individual needs. The company prefers long-term and stable cooperation based on fulfilling client’s expectations, trust and a congenial work culture.

Decerto is a company where the greatest emphasis is being put on employees’ qualifications and their satisfaction at work. By working with the best and through establishing a positive atmosphere, the company has perfect conditions for creative work and achieving a success.


The work culture representative of our employees is mostly goal-oriented. It is active solutions seeking and flexible approach to terms. In creating software for the business, it is crucial to understand the terms and business processes. Decerto employees are characterized by a predisposition to deeply comprehend the rules and business laws of our client’s business activity. Thanks to that, they are able to not only more effectively conduct analysis, sensing client’s needs and identifying its expectations but also to create the greatest software in its functional way and to use adequate language with the people who define and verify requirements of the business.

Our team is over 120 employees today. We choose friendly atmosphere, mutual respect and help. We represent a group of professional engineers. Work is a prominent part of our life. That is why, we make sure that everybody in the company feels comfortable.



We want to be a company which creates technological trends in business world and creates modern products and innovative solutions, which will enable our client to adjust to a changing world and increase value of its business. We wish that Decerto becomes a recognizable brand which will be associated with such values as: credibility, reliability and quality. We increase potential, essential to conduct the biggest IT ventures. However, we want to base the success on non-corporate work culture, where each client and employee feels satisfaction and contentment from cooperation.

In the process of recruitment, we give an opportunity to young employees though investing in development of their competence and allowing them to gain essential experience. The greatest value of the company are its experienced employees, whom Decerto treats with special care.



Decerto is a company which regularly continues to develop itself by expanding the portfolio of its clients, projects and solutions as well as by increasing the number of employees. It would not be possible without a strategy which is being consequently executed by the management board. The strategy consists of:


Respect for our clients

We are aware of the fact that only long-term cooperation brings benefits to both sides. That is why we put an emphasis on honesty and integrity. We do not change attitude after signing the agreement. The contracts are often signed for a year or a longer period of time, while the business and demand for solutions changes much more frequently. We do not try to gain prompt profits by using misunderstandings and omissions of the client. While conducting business operations, we do not ‘put a lipstick on a pig’. Instead we openly show what can be expected when using our solutions. Our solutions do not have any hidden costs. We honestly inform about all the problems in order to jointly manage all the occurring risks. In return, we expect from our clients an honest attitude as well as informing us about the current situation and future plans. A conjoint long-term planning allows the client to premeditate costs more precisely and the contractor to prepare resources more efficiently.


Respect for our employees

Although, methodologies of the projects and technologies are significant, the quality of the solutions are defined by the employees. We want the best specialists to work in Decerto. That is why, maintaining comfortable working conditions is one of our priorities. Apart from standard motivating factors, we put a great emphasis on trust and upfront relations with supervisors. We do not assert our authority basing it strictly on the structure. We listen to our employees. We are also able to admit our mistakes. We provide the comfort of stress free work environment for experienced employees and show young employees greater tolerance as far as making mistakes is concerned. We promote colleagues friendly attitude and a positive atmosphere. Employees, when feeling satisfied in a given project, repay with contentious work and do not quit in tough moments.


Business know-how

Decerto comes up with solutions for business. On that account in our projects not only technical but also business knowledge is extremely important. We put a great effort for not only analysts but also programmers to understand not only processes but also business reasons for which they are being produced. In that way not only are we able to design our solutions but we can also spot contradictions and errors in analysis at developer’s stage.


We do not convey full solutions

We implement analogical solutions among many clients. However, we do not use a method ‘copy and paste’. Although we obtain our own patents and set modules, we design a distinct architecture adjusted to the environment and demands of the client. We do not want to impose a solution from a different client which may not fit and be optimal for the client. Thanks to that, we are able to perfect our solutions and not to meet the new client with a technological debt. Instead we build solutions which are more calibrated.



Our solutions are based on configurational module Hyperon (formerly: MPP). It enables an extremely flexible approach to designing and allows a short time-to market of implemented solutions. Developers as well as our clients, who work with Hyperon, cannot imagine following implementations without the module most of the time.




The last two years have been a period of very intensive development of the company. Decerto acquires a large contract for the Warta insurance company and for the needs of this project significantly increases employment in the company. Each of the system modules was already built by the company, but now all will be built at once. It is a big organizational challenge that ends with a very successful rollout of the system to the customer's sales network.
Cooperation with new clients from the insurance industry also begins: Aegon, Concrodia, Cardiff, in this way, the company ground its position as a provider of IT solutions on the Polish insurance market.
The dynamic situation on the labor market requires the creation of its own HR department, dealing mainly with recruitment and Employer Branding.
The successes on the Polish market allow us to look boldly into the future and outline plans for international expansion of Decerto, which becomes the new strategic goal of the company, remembering however the local market and the values ​​that Decerto has so far followed.


The company employs over 100 people going through an intensive self- development linked with huge demand for its services. Decerto responds to this demand and as a result wins next tenders for sales platforms and policy systems. Further investments lead to releasing the newest version of MPP module under the changed name - Hyperon, aimed at wider group of recipients and dedicated also to foreign markets. By the end of the year, Decerto solemnly celebrates its 10th anniversary. The Board summarizes this decade and introduces a vision of further development of the company for the next decades. One of the goals of the company is to care about comfort and working conditions of its employees.


Decerto becomes a noticeable company on the market and one of the major suppliers of solutions for insurance. Through gaining broader and even more specialized competence, the company is able to offer extremely extensive, not only developer but also advisory, services. Regarding lack of the need among the clients, the company resigns from investing in mobile applications and focuses on front-end and back-end office solutions. Decerto builds sales platforms for Allianz and ING Życie (these days: Nationale Nederlanden). On the basis of its own experience, Decerto creates its own authorial solution - MPP system, which enables modeling financial products and parameterizing various business processes. The module succeeds rapidly and the profit is being invested in developing the system.


Decerto employs about 70 people already and delivers services to more than 10 clients in insurance, media and gambling business. A dominant part of portfolio offered by Decerto are now sales portals and other tools for agents. The company conducts its first contract for Allianz. There is being formed a first authorial Decerto system - Enterprise Campaign System - a tool useful for managing sales processes and leads. Because of the increase of the number of employees, the current office becomes insufficient and there is a need for office change. Decerto creates its first own mobile application and gives it to Generali free of charge. Application Generali Auto achieves very high commercial success, becoming one of the most often downloaded applications for Android operational systems and IOS. The company changes its location to Wołoska Street, Apt. 5, a few hundred meters away from the previous location. The Board invests in its original design, which is being recognized by world-famous architectural magazines.


Decerto continues to co-operate with Cyfrowy Polsat and Generali. Apart from intensive product system development of life group insurance, there is being created an extensive product system to individual insurance. Decerto builds a tool to migrate a great quantity of data effectively and efficiently. Due to its growing insurance competence, the company establishes cooperation and fulfills its first project with PZU and Aviva. In 2011 Decerto moves to a modern office on Postępu Street, Apt. 15, improving its standard of work and prestige.


Decerto employs about 40 people. The company continues to develop within the group of its already acquired clients remarkably expanding the range of its services and creating new solutions, including extensive logistic system to manage distribution of set-top boxes and digital TV cards. The company cooperates with clients using their outsourcing services. There was a positive, kind atmosphere apart from hard-work in the office. The employees can still remember it.


Six people set-up their business to reach within a year the employment level of 20 people. The pillar of business are commissions from Cyfrowy Polsat and Generali. The company builds and develops a system of CDM management for NCR Polska. All profits are invested in development of competence and infrastructure. In mid-2007 the company buys its own office on Stanów Zjednoczonych Alley, Apt. 72.




Our employees are being selected in a conscientiously prepared recruitment process, which promotes knowledge, creativity and engagement. We put a great emphasis on profound understanding of business specifics.


Software market requires a special approach to the client and its needs. We are able to proficiently get about in various work methodologies and adjust to the type of management as well as documentation’s creation of the client.

Determinacja w dążeniu do celu

"Decerto" oznacza "walczyć do końca". Możemy pochwalić się, że do tej pory wszystkie nasze projekty zakończyły się sukcesem. Nasi klienci są zadowoleni ze współpracy, dlatego wracają do nas z kolejnym zleceniami.


One of the essential factors determining success of IT projects is IT specialists’ knowledge of terminology and business assumptions. Since we are aware of that necessity, we put a great emphasis on profound understanding of specifics of the business.


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