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Creating a system which would allow the client to manage marketing campaign and assign tasks in the context of accessible leads in order to conduct campaign using insurance representatives.

The system should be flexible to be able to allow its business users (without IT’s help) to define any new marketing actions through:



Implementation of the project was with a cooperation with a few teams working simultaneously on creating and modifying the following modules:

  • Backend

    It has cleaned data of clients, agreements and agents which are not duplicated anymore.

  • Frontend #1

    It presents aggregated data concerning data about the client in so called 360 customer view

  • Frontend #2

    It is to generate local campaigns in agencies and support their process

Establishment of the system started with analysis in which an UX specialist was involved. He was responsible for preparing screen composites of the system in so called ‘clickable version. Thanks to that, not later than at the stage of designed composites, it was possible to organize a few workshops with the final representatives of the system which were agents which were selected in such a way to represent the biggest possible range of sales networks (various age groups, cities, types of sales products etc.). The workshops were meant to visualize the system to the users as well as present simulation of the system operating on the composites, conduct usability tests in order to adjust an optimal data arrangement on the screen and show processes’ course in the system adjusted to the expectations of the recipients.

After the stage of discussing the composites and finishing analysis, the stage of implementation began, in which the cooperation with the users was not neglected. As soon as the system was filled with first data, there were many demo presentations for the users and chosen agencies. The most significant conclusions from those meetings found their counterparts in the system. The important thing is that thanks to hard work on preparing composites, the remarks submitted at the manufacturing stage did not influence architecture of the screens but only dealt with a look and setting of data on the screen.


Ultimately, within less than a year with a 10 people-team there was built a system which gave access to client’s data as well as enabled any campaigns’ configurations conducted in the whole sales network (cross-sell, up-sell, informational and recovery campaigns). The most essential is the system’s flexibility allowing business users to conduct configuration of a campaign without a need for IT help or an external supplier. It allows a new campaign to start up rapidly with a lower essential cost of setting it up.

A solution implemented in such a way is used by the client from the moment of startup. It conducted hundreds of campaigns in the past and the number of payment transactions is over few hundred million.