Online Sales Platform NN

2014 - 2015


Building a sales platform for Life insurance, sales system with a modern interface of the user, a wide range of functionalities and basing on flexible product configuration module. As well as creating a module of Personal Needs’ Analysis, launching the process of new sale and a process of additional purchase.


The project was divided into 3 stages. At the first stage we built PNA (Personal Needs’ Analysis). We conducted a prompt initial analysis within 4 months, we began development works and simultaneously there was a proper analysis conducted. A specific trait of building the tool for testing personal needs was that it was constantly redesigned due to the form of the questionnaire.

The tool was an innovative solution. That is why, every new version was assessed on technical grounds and in terms of business. The application was evaluated regarding sales purposes, compliance, PR and also for User Experience. No sooner than a dozen or so version was considered to be final.

Such an approach was possible thanks to relying PNA on ECS module which enabled prompt redesigning of questionnaires. A flexible model of cooperation between Nationale Nederlanden and Decerto was also relevant as well as focusing on the final goal.


At the second stage of the project we created a full process of a new life products sale: a complex protective and investment insurance, where the client could choose between a protective and exclusively investment insurance.

The process of sales is strongly correlated with the analysis of personal needs. This way the suggested agreements and insurance sums are being presented to the client. It also alerts the client if configured product is in contrast with the needs of the client.

A characteristic trait of the system is a possibility to calculate, compare a few variants of a policy and offer it to the client all at once. The other distinctive feature of the application is an extensive underwriting module by which the agent collects detailed pieces of information about health status of the client and his hobbies (with detailed data concerning practicing specific sports).

  • Hyperon

    Hyperon is an engine of creating business rules and managing business logic

  • ECS

    A high performance system processing business processes

  • APO

    A system created for presenting recommendations on the basis of Personal Needs Analysis

The project was created in Agile methodology, in which we redesigned developers plan in a two-week cycle in order to maximize the time. The third stage of the project was about the process of changes in policies. The process enabled to load a policy automatically and purchase to that new policy also more agreements as well as to perform all changes on the policy allowed by General Terms and Conditions of Insurance.

The whole of product logic, calculating the insurance premium and configuration was based on MPP module (nowadays: Hyperon).


There was a system built with 18 months which was, at the time of implementation, the best system in its category on the market. The system is being used in the network of personal agents, in multiagencies and banks. It is ready to be used by call-center.

Another relevant feature of the system is its modern look and interface refined in terms of user experience.