eAgent Warta

Sep 2016 (until today)

The Challenge

Building a comprehensive platform, which is the main tool of insurance agents' work. In addition to life and non-life insurance sales, the system should not only support after-sales service, commission settlement and sales reports, but a platform for communication with agents and customers as well. The system requires designing and implementing a complex architecture, which will be added to the already extensive existing Warta environment.
The project will take place in a large corporation and will involve a large number of business departments with different objectives. So it will also be a grand organizational challenge.

The Solution

Due to the scale of the solution, the project was divided into many stages and several parallel streams working on individual modules of the software. All these modules were already in our portfolio, so we knew very well how to approach them in order to be successful. For this purpose, 5 teams on the Decerto side were created: each with a separate Manager and Technical Leader. The project was coordinated by one Manager. A similar team structure was established by the contracting authority. In total, together with the people involved from the client's side, the team consisted of 150 people.

The first step of the system implementation was the requirements analysis, which was conducted simultaneously with the UX (User Experience) design process. Subsequently, the results of our work were confronted with the end users of this solution, insurance agents, on the basis of dynamic mock-ups visualizing the target UX of the designed system. The conducted research confirmed some directions of the system development, while others had to be reviewed.

A total of 150 people are involved
in the key phase.

After starting the development stage, we reached for selected elements of the Agile model. It allowed us to closely monitor the progress of the development and often confront its results with other project teams, but also with other members of the contracting organization, not directly involved in the daily tasks. This process took place in the form of monthly presentations of system implementation progress, in which the client's Management Board actively participated, monitoring the implementation of the system's strategic objectives. Thanks to this approach, the whole organization was aware of the stage of project implementation and what problems we are facing at the moment.

The solution uses the Hyperon module, which provides Business Analysts with implementing changes features. E.g.: they can decide within a few minutes to include a new parameter in the tariff, configure its location on the screen, and take into account the collected value in the premium calculations.

  • Hyperon

    Hyperon is a platform for business designed to define business rules, manage business logic and support tariffs.

  • ODS

    Intermediary between the eAgent and the client's systems to ensure uninterrupted operation, regardless of the back office systems operation.

  • UX

    User interface built based on the experience of specialists and conducted research with users from different areas, direct sales and back office.

The Rollout

Together with the customer, the rollout has been planned in a way that was as user-friendly as possible, and ensured the continuity of their work. The implementation was followed by a 6-month pilot phase with selected user groups. During that phase the team monitored the users' work and system behavior on an ongoing basis. The pilot phase process resulted in the correction of the functionality and stability of the system. Thanks to this approach, all production errors were detected on the initial, small group of users. Although the first group of users took on the burden of the first production tests, they felt involved in the process of creating the complete solution. After the pilot phase was concluded, there was a transition period of 4 months, during which new user groups were included in the work with the system. Thanks to a strong emphasis on intuitiveness and UX of the application, and continuous work with the end user during its design, user training was limited to the necessary minimum.

Currently, the system is used by the entire sales network. Simultaneously, the maintenance and further phases of this project are being implemented. These phases cover implementing additional new features, along with the sales and new insurance products support.

The Success

The following modules of the solution were implemented within 16 months:

  • 360 view: full customer data visibility (customer's contact details, policies, payment status and claims),
  • Sales modules: enabling the sale, renewals, underwriting and annexation of two main property insurance products and one life product,
  • Settlement and sales reporting module,
  • Communication with users and customers module,
  • The solution is highly efficient and easily scalable through adding and removing servers without any interruptions,
  • The architecture is cloud-migration ready,
  • System pozwala na szybkie wdrażanie zmian biznesowych bez konieczności angażowania programistów

The system allows for quick implementation of business changes without the need to involve programmers.