We recruit new employees all year long. For valuable people there is always a place in our team. That is why we encourage you to send us your CV. We will analyze it and give you feedback within 2 working days!


Junior programmer
As a junior programmer you most probably just start getting to know the arcana of this challenging but satisfying job. You are at the beginning of your journey and you need direct instructions and guidance from a more experienced employee. As we understand that, in our company you will have a work guardian who will take care of telling you specifically your tasks and explaining how to do them. We do not want you to learn on your mistakes and invent from scratch what works and what does not work after implementation. The work guardian in day mode describes tasks to be done and at the same time views written code giving guidelines what and most importantly why needs to be corrected. At this stage of your career you have a lot of knowledge coming on your way. The work guardian will guide you and tell you which areas should be improved and what needs to be learned in the first place.

Senior programmer
You already have some work experience. That is why we trust your work and enable you to act independently. You task in the project is to deliver a concrete business functionality and this is what you are responsible for. Your further career depends on you. Main business ways of work development we offer you are: related to business (to become a Team Leader or a Project Manager) or technology (up to the positions of an Expert). After you choose your way, we support you in achieving your goal through proper tasks assignment and suggesting acquiring concrete knowledge and skills.

Team Leader
A Team Leader is a position combining both high technical skills and soft management skills. Your work is a combination of a work of a senior programmer and junior project manager. You support the team in achieving set goals. You become a work guardian to junior programmers and at the same time you take care of the final deadline and product architecture. The position requires high interpersonal skills and a good work organization.

This is a position of a high responsibility since it is our last safety valve protecting from leaving the client with a poor quality product. On the basis of received specification (functional analysis) you create tests scripts and then perform them. Your job is difficult due to the fact that maybe not directly but through reporting errors you show other employees where they have made their mistakes. That is why, not only technical but also management skills and patience is crucial. You often know the system well enough after running tests that you are able to write user’s documentation and carry out a training for clients without any problem. You may choose a direction to become a testing expert (automatic and performance tests), a programmer or an analysts. It is up to you.

It is a position perfect for previous testers as well as previous programmers. It would be best not to start your career with this position since it requires an extensive knowledge of IT systems. Your job is to place business needs of a client onto functional requirements of a system. The client usually knows its business very well and knows what he needs to achieve. However, not that often the client knows how to put that into an effective process supported by IT system. This is the place for the analyst. Your job is to constantly contact other people and continuously switch from business language (which you use to contact the client) to technical language (used to talk to programmers). A natural step on a career path is a position of a project manager.

Project Manager
If you have chosen this path of career, it means that you are interested in business, people and relations. Your job is not to check whether the project goes with accordance to the chart created in MS Project but to actively manage it. You are responsible for not only tasks delegation but also risks identification and prevention. You have to sense mood and real intentions of particular team members as well as lead all team members to the same goal.


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